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How to clean a computer - Clean computer runs very fast - stop slow computer - stop computer crash.

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Hello and welcome, my friends call me Art . I am an expert on how to clean a computer..

Remember if we are talking dust. just clean you computer including your desk top, monitor, key board and mouse with distilled water in a a piece of cloth of paper towel. Never spray water on any hard ware... just wipe it off OK. (Distilled water leaves no marks and cleans great everything)

Ok if we are talking for a different type of cleaning, like a virus, defragmenting hard drive disk, disk drive cleaning or something else..To make your computer run fast again... . then lest go to work...


Most of the times people think that they have virus because their computer is running slow or is crashing, this means getting stuck... dead... not responding, shutting down..... doing nothing... like you want to use your hammer on the computer or maybe just throw it out of the window.. Does this sound familiar?


Here are some of the best tips to make your computer fast again..... and most people do not know this or maybe never learned to do it... the next steps, try to do them as often as possible... OK.


Step number 1.- Please clean your junk!!!! YES YOUR JUNK....

a- Delete everything in the garbage icon - garbage basket - junk folder and we are not talking about the e-mail junk folder, everything you delete goes to the junk folder or garbage folder until you delete it, if you never delete it... then you are wasting all your memory in saving all the junk..


b- Most of the computers come with a lot of programs that use a lot of memory, 9 out of 10 times people have 60% of the memory used by programs that they do not only not use, but people do not even know that this programs are installed in their hard drive.. (BEFORE YOU DELETE A PROGRAM PLEASE ASK SOMEONE WHO KNOWS, YOU DO NOT WANT A DELETE A PROGRAM THAT THE COMPUTER NEEDs TO RUN THE OPERATING SYSTEM OS.). Find out which programs you do not use and you do not need and delete them...(the correct word is un-install do it the proper way).

c- Delete all you temporary internet files, every time you are in the internet, the computer saves what ever yo have visit, we are not talking only about web site addresses, we are talking about every single page you viewed or try to view, if you do not clean you temporarily internet files, this can be very bad... Make sure you set your settings to delete them to a certain number of days after you visit the page...


Step Number 2. for all you VISTA OPERATING SYSTEM USERS or better, now the programs keep saving all the different points when the system had a change, like an upgrade, install a new program or anything that may cause a problem, some computers depending how their settings are set, they may be saving a setting record for everyday, this means if something is wrong you can make the computer to work or set it self to that particular date, this is great... but if you never clean this... this can take a lot of your memory...

So what you want to do is just erase or delete everything but the most recent date when the computer worked good with out any problem..


Step number 3.- You want to defragment you hard drives, the most important is the " C " but if you do all of the is better. Defragment is for putting all the information in every file in order, so the computer finds the information fast, but when everything is not in order takes to long and the longer it takes thing get worse and worse, and when things are in order the computer keeps running fast all the time.


Step number 4.- You want to scan your hard drive disc for errors... this makes sure that all you information need it to run each program is in order and ready to be used ...other wise is all the information is all spread out in different places, it takes to long for the computer going to look for each part of the information need to run each program. (Scan and defragment are two different things)

Step number 5.- Never have in a computer or hard drive information that you do not need, if you do not need it now but want to save it, please buy an external hard drive or a storage drive or SD card, disk or anything where you can save information outside the computer hard drive ...REMEMBER THE MORE MEMORY YOU HAVE USED THE MORE SLOW THE COMPUTER WILL BE, TO THE POINT OF CRASHING.. OK... MAKE SENSE IF YOU DO NOT USE IT.. DO NOT LET SLOW YOUR COMPUTER...

Step number 6.- Shut down your computer and let be OFF for at leas 5 minutes and turn it back ON.. and you tell me how fast will it work...


Step number 7.- If you have a Virus in your computer you need to run you virus programs and do what is called a cold start or cold shut down with you virus protect disk inside, make sure before you do this you have a valid anti-virus program and is up to date with the late's updated information in your computer... Most of the programs will keep you computer working good and safe... make sure you have too a Fire Wall working together with your program and an anti-spam program too..

Wishing you the best of the best..

NOTE: Be patient if you do not get it the first time it is ok, when you put hours on fixing you computer to be better, this time is good... you are learning good things... later you will be able to help you friends with the information that you are learning now and on the process of tuning up your computer.


NOTE: If you want to make even faster, then you need to get more memory... or if you could by a new computer, please always consider buying one with a lot of memory and a fast operating micro-chip to run the operating system.. if you tell the people in the store...they will know..




WARNING: If your computer recently change and is very slow, please use the RESTORE OPERATION SYSTEM, remember like when your computer was working good and restore it to that date and then do all the tuning up...



DISCLAIMER: Please we are not experts, this are only tips that we used on our computers... this may not work for you... so this means that we are no responsible for the results.. We advise you to take or ask and expert and licensed in computers repairs before you do anything with your computer... you do it , is at you own risk..and please remember some computers when they were purchased recently their warranty may be void if you open or try to fix it your self...This disclaimer makes the reader of this page responsible.. the owner or who designed the web site is not responsible..By law we have to tell you this so we save headaches for the future... try it at your own risk.... YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN. We wish you the best of the best.


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